Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Egg Basket

So, I am going to start by saying that we have absolutely wonderful neighbors that watch our chickens when we are gone.  I was talking with Easton about having them watch our chickens the next time we go away and Easton comes back with, "but mom, Dave & Jen don't have a basket to collect the eggs" (they haven't watched them since they started laying!) and that led to my little egg basket for the neighbors.



So, its amazing what a bucket from the dollar bin at Target matched with vinyl cut out with the cricut can create ... and it only took a few minutes.


  1. The cricut cuts vinyl???!!!! Which machine do you have? What secrets/tips do you have for cutting vinyl? You have no idea how you just made my day if you tell me my machine can cut vinyl, too. Back in my old life I cut vinyl at work. I looove it. And have always wanted a vinyl cutter - but since they are large & somewhat spendy I've never gotten one. I'm doing the happy dance while sitting in my computer chair. Oh & btw, your egg bucket is very cute!

  2. Hey Jen - I have the cricut expression and it cuts vinyl ... we have used it to cut several things (Names for Todd's lunchboxes, a friend used it to cut out names to put on plastic cups for her daughters birthday party, then the egg bucket) and I can't wait to use it on other projects. On the expression machine it works just like your craft paper (use the max pressure setting).

    I hope you have the same one!